Video Games

Gamers gather around retro consoles in the game room. Photograph by Wet Snoot Photography.

Gamers gather around retro consoles in the game room. (Photograph by Wet Snoot Photography.)

Video Game Room Presented by SaikouCon

PartyCon will have a video game room operating throughout the two-day event. We’ll have several different systems, both vintage and modern, hooked up to multiple TVs, ready for you to challenge your friends. We’ll also have a selection of games on hand, but you can feel free to bring your own along as well.

If you’re going to stay up all night, wearing out your controller anyway, why not join us at PartyCon! We’ll take care of the food and beverages, plus you’ll have the chance to meet new friends (in real life)! It’s beats being trash-talked by an 11-year-old on X-Box Live.

Consoles and Games

We’ll have on hand at least one of each of the following consoles and games for each:

And we’ll have an extensive selection of great games like Borderlands, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2, Call of Duty: World at War, Crysis 2, Portal 2, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, Tekken 2, Eternal Champions, Street Fighter II, Dr. Mario/Tetris, Mortal Kombat 2, Naruto: Clash of Ninjas, Mega Man X, DDR, Namco Museum, and many more.