Rosemary Amanda

Paint yourself geeky. Rosemary Amanda, a funky young artist with a weird mind and a paintbrush, plans to take over the fine art scene. With her combination of paint, pens, perfect absurdity she creates her own stories and teaches you! You can bring home one of your own creations in one of her painting parties or bring the fine art to your own fine home with just a dash of her creative spark. She creates her own fantasy and sci-fi worlds, as well as a new interpretation of known and loved fandom. You may even find a cross over or two. Whatever you would like to see just ask and she will find a way to create it! Currently working on a coloring book to combine the knowledge of being an art therapy hopeful and the beautiful worlds of fantasy. Always taking commissions, suggestions, projects and, the art world, she would be happy to take the challenge and ideas of customers.