Galactic Edge Cosplay

GalacticEdgeCosplay does everything from Cosplay to Convention Reviews and Cosplay Showcasing Videos on YouTube! (Example: Sneeky Zebra, MLZ Studios,) Along with Cosplay Commissions, Toy Reviews, We have a wonder spread of up coming cosplayer in our team that would bring your fandom to reality! We love interacting with the fellow public and con goers! Also we do onsite cosplay fixes with our Sewing machine call $5 Quick Fix! ( helping fellow con going cosplayers fix ant cosplay malfunctions they may have with their costumes!)

We will be selling a beautiful array of some of our best cosplayer prints for Super Girl, Green Lantern (John Stewart ) and Starlord (Guardians of the Galaxy)! Along with some Green Lantern and Power Rangers Memorabilia!