Emma Glaze and Dani Grew

Creators of the "woodsy modern fantasy" webcomic, "Sightings"

Emma Glaze and Dani Grew (Sightings) are a team of PA raised nightmare people who are collaborating on a comic and won’t stop talking about Big Foot.

Emma is a currently Las Vegas based comic artist and colorist. Her passions include bright colors, cryptozoology, and the letter L. Radiation levels may rise when in close contact with Glaze, but it will be worth it. You can see some of her art here.

Dani lives in Pittsburgh and spends her time drawing nerdy crap and falling asleep to paranormal documentaries between illustration and cartooning work. Her biggest dream is to own a wardrobe full of skulls. You can follow her on Retrokinetics.tumblr.com and Etsy.

Sightings is a’woodsy modern fantasy’ webcomic that can be found at Sightings-comic.com and updates every Friday!