Hello friends of NYPC!

I have delayed making this announcement for months in the hopes that PartyCon 2017/2018 could continue seamlessly, but the volume of inquiries I have received over email and Facebook necessitate that I make the announcement now.

As of today, September 7th, 2017, New Years PartyCon will probably not be held. Long story short, Michelle and I have a newborn to take care of, and we do not have the time, energy, or inclination to organize the event again. It was our hope that the con could continue under new leadership, but as we close in the fourth quarter of the year, that is looking less and less likely. If the situation should change, we will, of course, update you immediately.

On behalf of my family, I wish to thank all of our attendees, vendors, and special guests, for their support and patronage over the last two years. We couldn’t have done it without you! We hope that you enjoyed PartyCon and look forward to seeing you at other events in the years to come.

Michael DiBaggio