PartyCon is only 38 days away! That puts a few important items on your to-do list:

  1. Buy tickets
  2. Book a hotel room
  3. Pre-register for special events

All of the many great events at PartyCon this year, including guest panels, workshops, and LARPs, come free with your purchase of a ticket. A couple of them require some extra preparation, however, so registering now will guarantee you a spot.

Cosplayers and anyone interested in jewelry will want to participate in Ginger Liz’s Embroidery and Beading Workshop. The first 15 people to register will be provided with all the materials needed to make your own, so register now.

Any superheroes that want to participate in the Quantum Vortex LARP should head on over to the Facebook page before the event as well. While pre-registration is not required, it’s recommended that you check over the rule and get help with character creation.

And if you’re looking for more old fashioned tabletop roleplay, or if you’re a CCG or wargamer looking for opponents, take a minute to add your name to our gamer roster. You can list the games you play and what days you’ll be attending so you can plan some contests in advance.