TableclothCatIndieGraphicWebPresto-minFriday, December 30th 2016, is SPICE Day at New Year’s PartyCon.

SPICE stands for:
Small Press and Independent Creators Expo

This purpose of SPICE is to showcase some of the many talented, independent creators and creative small businesses in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. It’s a unique opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to introduce themselves to an audience looking for something new and different. It’s also a chance for creators to meet up, network, and share their knowledge with one another.

Tables will be made available at a special reduced rate of $30 for Friday only to the following:

  • Small publishing companies
  • Independent authors
  • Illustrators and other artists who produce original work (no more than 50% fan art!)
  • Cosplayers and cosplay groups
  • Musicians, moviemakers, and performance groups
  • Costumers, armorers, toy makers, game designers, ‘makers’, and other hobbyists producing original products

We will also host special events including discussion panels, workshops, author readings, demonstrations, and more. In addition, attendees will be able to enjoy the usual PartyCon activities like anime screenings, game rooms, and Nerf battles.

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor for SPICE Day, or for the rest of PartyCon, check out our recently updated Exhibitor Information page to read our requirements and submit an application. Tickets for attendees are also available at a discounted price. Get your tickets before the price goes up!