Social interaction and making new friends was obviously one of the high points of PartyCon 2016. Improving this experience is going to be one of our foremost goals for next year.

I’ll start off by saying that we screwed up by not having enough programs and event schedules available. We simply didn’t have the time or the resources to put it all together last year. We know that a lot of people didn’t know what events were happening and at what time, and we apologize for that. We’re going to make a convention program for next year and increase the amount of signage around the convention floor.

Now, on with the ideas.

Game Rooms
We want to have more demo games and run tournaments for both the tabletop and video game rooms. We wanted to do this last con, but didn’t have the volunteers to do so. And we are always looking for vendors who sell tabletop or video games to sponsor the game room and help run some activities there. If you want to volunteer, please email us and tell us how you can help. This may involve running the check-out table, helping folks how to play new games, GMing some RPG sessions, organizing tournament play, providing prices, and so on.

Some folks were looking for some Warhammer 40k and other miniature wargames action. We can provide a lot of things, but we cannot provide you a fully painted armies. Anyone who wants to organize Warhammer, Dust Tactics, X-Wing, Armada, Attack Wing, or other miniature war games with their friends or game group, feel free to do so! Let us know ahead of time and we’ll reserve and set up tables for you. If you would like to run a full event there and bring your own tables and scenery, we’ll work with you to set it up and give your group discounts on admission.

Music and Dancing
Even though most of the attendees were in the game rooms or on the vendor floor when the dancing was going on, I think we all enjoyed the music. Some people commented that they thought they preferred having a live band, others that they’d rather a DJ, and others that they want a DJ and a live band! If we do a three night convention as we talked about before, we would probably have need for multiple musical acts. I’d very much like to hear your input on this.

A fierce, but beautiful, Klingon woman also suggested karaoke. This sounds like a good idea to me. If we got a karaoke machine set up, would you ladies and gentlemen use it?

Another event that was suggested was, believe it or not, swing dancing! (Who knew geeks were into that?) I used to go swing dancing in college and even though I was not much of a dancer, it was a lot of fun and a great way to meet the ladies. What are your thoughts?

Other Activities

We’ll be bringing back Nerf warfare, since that was a huge hit. But how can we improve it? Are there any special rules or modes of play you’d like to see?

Here’s one activity that I’m personally really excited about: a Lego builder’s competition! This would be a premium event (meaning you’d have to pre-register and pay extra) with a cost of $30 or $40. Everyone who entered would be provided with $30-40 of the same unopened Lego packages, given a theme, and 30 minutes to design something awesome. A panel of judges would pick the winner, who would receive a grand prize, and everyone who entered gets to keep the Legos! I know there were a bunch of Lego fans in the audience at PartyCon 2016, so let me know if you’re interested in this event.

Panels and Roundtables

What panels and roundtable discussions did you like best from last year? What topics would you like to see covered in 2017? For that matter, what type of guests do you want to see more of–artists, cosplayers, voice actors, authors, game designers, and so on? We obviously can’t promise to get specific people, but we will do our best to get the kind of guests that you want to see.