Merry Christmas Eve! We at PartyCon want to wish you a peaceful and joy filled holiday!

And since this means there’s only a week until PartyCon, we want to encourage any stragglers to buy tickets now. We just lowered all of the adult ticket prices by $5. You can get a two-day pass for only $30, a New Year’s Eve pass for only $20, and a New Year’s Day pass for only $15! And better yet, you can still use any coupons you might have! (If you don’t have a coupon try ‘CL25’ for two-day passes)

PartyCon tickets make a great last minute Christmas gift, so if there are geeks in your life and you don’t know what to get them, buy them some tickets now!  This promotion will last through the weekend, so don’t wait.

(And if you’ve already purchased tickets, don’t feel let down! All tickets purchased without a discount get additional entries for our awesome prize raffle! More details on that to come shortly.)

And stay tuned to the website and our Facebook page, as we’ll have many more announcements on panels and events in the coming days.