I can hardly think of a better way to inaugurate the new year than a hail of foam darts. How about you?


You’ll be rocking to Dear Anna on New Year’s Eve, but you’ll really have to move on New Year’s Day! Our giant Nerf battle will be happening  Friday at PartyCon. We’ll be giving away several Nerf and other foam-blasting weapons as door prizes, but, just as importantly, we’ll have a large selection on hand for you to borrow. Or you can just bring your own.

So we’ve got our foam-firing weapons, we’ve got the room, and we’ve got the time. We’ve even got some cover. We’ve also got some ideas for the rules, but we’d love to hear yours, too, before we make our final decision. We’ve thought about  a giant melee purely for fun, or maybe a one-on-one duelist tournament with a prize for the last geek standing. Which would you prefer? Or do you have some other idea we haven’t thought of yet?